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balancing mind 
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In ten sessions, you'll feel the difference, in twenty, you'll see the difference and in thirty, you'll have a whole new body.

-Joseph Pilates-

your instructor

Ellie Doyle has been involved in the fitness industry since 2006.  A self-confessed course 'junkie', she has obtained numerous qualifications, including aerobics, studio resistance training and the level 2 ASA swimming teaching certification.  She stumbled upon Pilates when she was treated by an Osteopath and Pilates specialist after the birth of her first child and quickly found that, as a method of exercise, it ticked all the boxes.

Ellie trained in London with internationally renowned training provider, Polestar Pilates, obtaining first her mat certification and then her comprehensive qualification - the gold standard in Pilates training.  She has been teaching Pilates in Greenwich, Bromley and Chislehurst ever since, both to groups and on a 1.1 basis, and has worked in various schools teaching Pilates to children and teenagers, combining her skills as a primary school teacher with her passion for movement therapy.

your studio

Set at the back of a leafy garden and overlooking the surrounding woods, the purpose-built studio has been designed to offer a serene and comfortable space for small group classes or 1.1 sessions.  As the only reformer studio in Petts Wood, it has been kitted out with three world class Balanced Body allegro reformers to help you get the most out of your hour with us (for those of you who have never heard of a reformer,  please see our 'reformer' page for more information.)    With a maximum of only three people per class we are able to offer a friendly and highly personalised service and we aim to send you out the door feeling taller, calmer and, well, fabulous after every class! 

Practice Areas

the benefits of pilates


Mind body workout

A great Pilates class should not only work the body but also the mind. Pilates gives us an opportunity to 'check in' with ourselves and take note of how we're feeling. It's less airy-fairy than it sounds and really can help to relieve both physical and mental stress, even if we're unaware we're carrying it!


Improved flexibility

We've all heard the expression 'we are what we eat,' but have you heard that 'we are how we move?'  Wearing healed shoes, sitting down for long periods of time or just simply being unaware of good alignment can all result in tight muscles (think hamstrings, calves and lower back.) Pilates classes will help stretch out these and other notoriously tight spots using proper technique and help keep common problems such as lower back pain and plantar fasciitis at bay.  


Yes, a Pilates class can work you hard, but that doesn't mean it's not relaxing.  It's common to walk away from a class feeling lighter and taller than you did when you first came in.  With soft lighting and carefully chosen music, our evening classes are particularly good if you need time to unwind from the stresses of the day.


Having good body alignment diminishes the amount of force we put our joints through, thus decreasing our susceptibility to conditions like osteoarthritis. As well as larger, whole body movements, our Pilates classes will focus on small, precise adjustments which will help the body relearn and, over time, re-establish good body alignment.


Core strength

One of the better known benefits of Pilates is its ability to help strengthen muscles which support our posture.  This in turn allows us to move with ease and efficiency and it can also aid other vital functions such as digestion, breathing and circulation.  A six-pack is great - a well rounded, fully functional body that is free of pain is even better.  Hoorah!



Our bodies adapt on a daily basis to outside influences and as such, good posture and alignment are always a work in progress.  An hour class each week is a great place to start but we will always strive to give you tips and suggestions for practice you can do between sessions. No one is too old or too young to learn - and what better place to start than learning - really learning - about your own body!

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